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Hand finished sofa bed mattresses of the highest quality supplied by the UK's leading sofa bed specialist. Our mattresses are made to our specification by craftsmen in the UK - we supply 6 different grades of mattress suitable for use on metal action sofa beds - each one can be viewed in the image gallery on the right.

Our mattresses fully comply with current flammability regulation (BS 7177 / BS EN 597-1/2) and have the appropriate flammability label attached to the product. Not only is this essential if the mattress is for your own use but also if the mattress is to be used in a letting property as current law requires bedding to meet fire regulations and have the appropriate label in place.

When choosing a new mattress, the general rule is to replace 'like with like sizes', for example if your original mattresses measures 130 x 180 x 11cm, choose one of our mattresses of the same or very similar dimensions.

Delux Sprung Mattress
Our high quality fully sprung sofa bed mattress finished in a luxury damask fabric, is designed to replace the unit found on most better quality webbed and slatted metal action sofa bed mechanisms. Using our unique flex-comfort open coil spring unit, the mattress easily folds within the mechanism and offers excellent levels of support when in the bed position. The flex-comfort spring unit has a spring count of 288 (double size), resulting in a mattress which offers a firm level of support. Available in a range of sizes from 76cm wide chair bed to 142cm wide sofa bed.

When converting the mechanism from bed to sofa, this type of mattress folds over once, the carriage then drops to within the sofa and approx 10cm of mattress folds upwards and behind the back cushion panel. This type of mechanism is referred to as a "2 fold" sofa bed mechanism.

Ultimate Pocket Sprung
Our pocket sprung sofa bed mattress we believe is the finest available in the UK today - using individually hand nested pocket springs, the mattress moulds to every contour. This type of mattress has 1088 hand nested springs (double size) to offer supreme levels of comfort. Each spring is allowed to move independently of it's neighbour ensuring total support to the user.

Isolating the pocket spring units from the user are layers of natural padding plus a further layer of reflex foam to soften the experience. The finest quality luxury Belgian damask fabric is used to finish the mattress with a quilted border offering a truly opulent finish.

This mattress is designed to replace the unit found on most better quality webbed and slatted metal actions. When converting the mechanism from bed to sofa, this type of mattress folds over once, the carriage then drops to within the sofa and approx 10cm of mattress folds upwards and behind the back cushion panel. This type of mechanism is referred to as a "2 fold" sofa bed mechanism

Visco-elastic Memory Foam
This mattress offers supreme levels of comfort for those choosing a visco elastic memory foam mattress. Memory foam is heat sensitive and moulds closely to the contours of the body offering the user undisturbed sleep. 25mm of superb high density 50kg specification memory foam is supported on a 55 or 85mm high density reflex foam core.

This mattress features a hypoallergenic loose cover in a soft jersey fabric which can be unzipped and washed, ideal to keep your new sofa bed mattress fresh. The hypoallergenic aspect of the cover protects against bacteria and dust mites, which is especially beneficial for users who may have respiratory problems.

This mattress is designed to replace the unit found on most better quality webbed and slatted metal actions. When converting the mechanism from bed to sofa, this type of mattress folds over once, the carriage then drops to within the sofa and approx 10cm of mattress folds upwards and behind the back cushion panel. This type of mechanism is referred to as a "2 fold" sofa bed mechanism

Visco-elastic Memory Foam Slimline
This version of our popular memory foam mattress described above uses a slimmer high density reflex foam core to give a total depth of 8cm. This allows the mattress to be used on 3 fold mechanisms which have an 8cm deep mattress including selected Habitat, Ikea, Marks and Spencer units.

Designed for 3 fold trampoline bases, this is the highest quality we can supply for this style of mechanism, the mattress folds over twice before the mechanism drops to it's sofa position below the seat cushions. Generally this mattress will fit mechanisms marked with "Somtoile" and support the mattress with a black fabric and springs around the edge of the base.

Visco-elastic Memory Extra Long
This version of our popular memory foam mattress described above is made in your choice of 190cm or 200cm in length to fit mechanisms using a longer mattress than standard. This size of mattress was originally fitted to sofa beds including the Jay-be Romola, Slumberland Valenza and Volterra, some Ikea sofa beds using a Lampolet mechanism, plus Natuzzi sofa beds.

Reflex Foam Mattress
The standard sofa bed replacement mattress designed for basic 'trampoline base' metal actions. The mattress is finished in an attractive polyester print fabric and uses a reflex foam filling.

Designed for 3 fold trampoline bases, this mattress folds over twice before the mechanism drops to it's sofa position below the seat cushions.

Reflex Fibre Mattress
The reflex fibre sofa bed replacement mattress is slightly thicker and firmer than the standard foam mattress above, and designed for basic 'trampoline base' metal actions. The mattress is finished in a high quality damask fabric and uses a reflex fibre filling. The fabric has an attractive quilted top as shown in the image.

Designed for 3 fold trampoline bases, this mattress folds over twice before the mechanism drops to it's sofa position below the seat cushions.

Important Measuring Information
Before ordering, please measure your existing mattress to ensure you select the correct size for your frame, also realise that 2 fold (thicker) mattresses will not fit into a 3 fold metal action ! If unsure, please telephone us for our advice before ordering. Please note that due to manufacturing tolerances, allowance should be made for the actual dimensions of mattress supplied which will be within 2cm.

crib 5 hotel sofa bed mattress
Hotel Contract Grade CRIB 5 Mattresses

Our mattresses fully comply with the domestic flammability test to BS 7177, however for contract use in hotels, guest houses etc. the legal requirement is for the mattress to conform with CRIB 5 level of enhanced fire protection. Our delux sprung and ultimate pocket sprung mattress ranges are the only mattresses which can be upgraded. The cost to upgrade to CRIB 5 specification is £20 per mattress. These are special order items so please telephone us to place your order for these. Discounts available for orders in excess of 10 units.

Take a look at our hotel grade sofa bed mattress by clicking here

Mattress Care
We hope you will be delighted with your new sofa bed mattress which should offer excellent service for years to come. All of our sprung mattresses are 2 sided so the mattress can be turned end to end and flipped over periodically to ensure even wear of the fillings within the mattress. During the first few months, a characteristic known as mattress settlement will occur - the fillings will compress where the user's weight is greatest, usually in the centre of the mattress. This is entirely normal and not a fault of the mattress - an explanation of mattress settlement can be read in this excellent Bed Federation article (click).

Our memory foam mattresses are 1 sided and do not require flipping over, however as with the sprung mattresses rotating end to end is recommended on a regular basis.

All dimensions in cm - format shown is length x width x depth
mattress type small single single small double double large double
delux sprung mattress 182 x 76 x 11 182 x 90 x 11 182 x 115 x 11 182 x 132 x 11 182 x 142 x 11
memory foam mattress 180 x 76 x 11 180 x 90 x 11 180 x 115 x 11 180 x 130 x 11 180 x 140 x 11
memory foam slimline 180 x 76 x 8 180 x 90 x 8 180 x 115 x 8 180 x 130 x 8 180 x 140 x 8
memory foam extra long n / a n / a n / a n / a 190 x 140 x 11
ultimate pocket sprung 182 x 80 x 11 182 x 93 x 11 182 x 115 x 11 182 x 132 x 11 182 x 145 x 11
reflex foam mattress n / a n / a 180 x 112 x 6 182 x 132 x 6 n / a
reflex fibre mattress n / a n / a 180 x 115 x 8 180 x 130 x 8 n / a
4.8 based on 58 reviews
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Name: N Mason Location: west midlands Rating: 4

Comments: Many thanks for your help and speedy delivery excellent product.

Name: billy darren Location: London Rating: 5

Comments: I ordered a ultimate pocket spring sofa bed mattress...i spoke to Chris who was very informative...friendly and knowledgeable...i ordered it monday and it arrived the next day ..the mattress itself is very good and I would have no problem using or recommending this company again

Name: Fiona D Location: Inverness Rating: 5

Comments: I spent literally years trying to get a replacement mattress for my lovely sofa bed - then I came across this website and found the right thing! It arrived today and it fits perfectly. I went for the small single Deluxe Sprung, as it's only going to be used very occasionally and also of course to make the sofa comfortable to sit on. I find it very comfortable to lie on, and I'm 5' 9" and 10 stone. bigger people may find it less comfortable, (I don't think my 17 stone husband would love it), but for what I need it for I'm completely happy, thank you.

Name: Kath B Location: Sale, Cheshire Rating: 5

Comments: I decided to order a memory foam mattress to replace a DFS sprung mattress I had, as I felt it would be more comfortable and give more support.I rang to check re sizing, suitability and delivery dates and the advisor was very helpful and reassured me that the mattress should fit the type of 2 fold bed mechanism I had.I was informed that I could return it if any problems.However,I needn't have worried, as it fits perfectly and is very comfortable and supportive and far superior to the previous DFS one I had. I was very pleased that I could choose a specific delivery date, but did ring first to clarify that the mattress was in stock.The delivery was as scheduled by courier and arrived well packaged.Overall, I am very pleased with my experience of using the Sofabed Gallery.Thank you

Name : BH Location : West Midlands Rating : 5

Comments: This was our first contact with Sofabed Gallery and we were delighted with A) at the reception given B) on-time delivery and C) the item ordered. The Ultimate pocket sprung mattress is superb. So what more can I say than thanks again for your excellent service, Oh yes,- and a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all.

Name: Muhammed Location: Croydon Rating: 5

Comments: ordered the ultimate pocket sprung mattress to replace an old dfs one, what a diference it has made. wished I had ordered one earlier.

Name: Monika Location: London Rating: 4

Comments: I love my new mattress it is so comfortable. My old sofa bed was very worn and this has give new life to it. I would have give full 5 stars but driver could not find me and made me a bit annoyed but mattress is great.

Name: David & Heather Rodger Location: Jamestown, Scotland Rating: 5

Comments: Hi just wanted to let you know I received my mattress on Thursday thank you. We are delighted with it, what a difference to the old mattress. Will have no problem recommending your company to or friends and family. Thank you

Name: Ian Location: Salcombe Rating: 5

Comments: Received the mattress last week, sorry I've taken so long to leave feedback as I've been busy. Comfortable, a good fit for our aging sofa bed, a worthy upgrade to give a new lease of life to the existing mechanism. Recommended.

Name: Mary P Location: London Rating: 4

Comments: I just wanted to thank you for the efficient and pleasant experience of dealing with your firm. From the moment I first contacted you by phone to the delivery of my mattress. Everything went well and your helpful advice was much appreciated.I didn't even know that it was possible to replace sofa bed mattresses, and was all set to dump a perfectly good sofa bed because I was sleeping on springs. The new mattress is terrific. Again, thanks Richard.

Name: Gaynor Location: Cardiff Rating: 5

Comments: Delivered in quick time and fitted perfectly.

Name: [name withheld] Location: UK Rating: 5

Comments: [no comments left]

Name: P. Rudyard Location: Gloucester Rating: 5

Comments: Excellent advice given over the phone prior to purchase in order to ascertain which mattress I required. Order arrived the following day - delighted with the quality and comfort. I would certainly recommend this company to anyone requiring a replacement sofabed mattress.

Name: Alison Location: West Sussex Rating: 1

Comments: Very disappointed with the Delux Sprung mattress, it made clicky/crunchy noises as I rolled over when I tested it after it was delivered. I got in touch by email with Sofabed Gallery staff who said they'd never heard of this problem before but when they tested it on the floor of the warehouse, they did acknowledge this noise, quote "... The slight sound of the mattress fillings compressing is entirely normal and not unduly loud - this has been tested with the weight of 2 adults weighing 12 - 13 stone each on the mattress laying on a concrete floor". I responded that it was strange to test it on a concrete floor and not on a sofabed, where there would be more movement. Obviously the staff have never tested or used their own products before. They agreed to refund me the cost of the mattress, less the return cost of £40. I couldn't send it back myself for less than £53 courier charges so Sofabed Gallery paid this so they could test it themselves. Although they now acknowledge there is definitely a noise, which in the middle of the night, would be more than "not unduly loud" as described when tested during the day in their warehouse. I requested that Sofabed Gallery change the description of this "Delux" mattress to state that there is a noise when the occupant moves on the bed mattress. It is not fair of them to withhold the return cost of £40 for a fault which is not acceptable to some of their customers, who do not want a clicky/crunchy noise when they roll over in bed. If this matters to you, DO NOT Order this mattress or it will cost you at least £40 to return it if you are unhappy with it, as I was.

Reply from Sofabed Gallery:

Hello Alison - thank you for taking the time to leave a review on our delux sprung sofa bed mattress, it is unfortunate that you feel that you must leave such a negative review on our product and service. We have sold 100's of this mattress and without exception have not received one issue regarding the alleged noise you complain of. When tested at our facility, we could not detect anything other than the normal sound of fibres compressing when the mattress was compressed and this in a silent environment. As we advised you, the mattress does not show any fault whatsoever.
Bearing in mind we had to replace all the damaged protective polythene, absorb the cost of the original delivery and offer you a subsidised return at below cost price, I feel we have acted entirely reasonably in our return actions.

Name: Lesley Location: UK Rating: 5

Comments: Superb ultimate pocket sprung mattress. Ordered as a replacement for a well used Alston sofa bed. Delighted with price, service and delivery (delivery driver even brought it into my house) Am sure my guests at Xmas will sleep well. Many thanks for a great product and service.

Name: John P Location: Cornwall Rating: 2

Comments: We ordered a large double memory foam mattress, which took 5 and a half weeks to arrive. When it eventually did, we found it to be very average in quality & comfort, considering it was almost £300. Wouldn't bother again.

Name: elliott Location: doncaster Rating: 5

Comments: brilliant mattress and service

Name: B Thornett Location: West Somerset Rating: 5

Comments: Ordered 5pm on Tuesday and it was delivered by 11am this morning and delivery was included! The mattress is exactly as described and fits our 2 seater MultiYork Sofabed perfectly. Those on the heavier side might need to select a different type of mattress, but I've tested it and found it very comfortable. There's nothing I don't like about my new mattress and I'm impressed that it could be delivered so smoothly and promptly. Extremely happy customer. Well done Sofabed Gallery.

Name: Annie Location: Pencader Rating: 5

Comments: Hello again! Once the ancient sofabed was opened up, the "small double fibre mattress" was a perfect fit and last weekends guests were delighted. It seems very comfortable and I'm REALLY grateful to you for all of your help and advice. Thanks a million, Annie xXx

Name: Jean Stoner Location: Cumbria Rating: 5

Comments: Our daughter is delighted with the comfort the new mattress is giving her - thank you sofabed gallery ! Your website was clear and gave my husband all the information he needed to make the correct choice (memory foam) and your delivery chap was friendly and helped me carry the mattress into our home. We will have no hesitation in recommending you to our friends.

Name: Gary Location: Weymouth Rating: 1

Comments: I bought this back in Jan but have only had the need to sleep on it recently. It is, by far, the worst mattress I have ever slept on in my LIFE. You can feel every spring. There is no "Delux" about it. If I had slept on it as soon I had bought it I would have sent it back. I notice the reviews are all "5"?

Note from Sofabed Gallery:

Hello Gary - thank you for taking the time to leave a review. We have looked into your order and this was delivered 1 year ago, of course the mattress could have been returned at the time had you been unhappy with it. Our customer services team are available to you should you need further advice.

Name: Jane Location: Greater London Rating: 5

Comments: For many years I have hunted for a replacement mattress for my sofa bed that is 40 years old. The sofa has been recovered twice, and now low and behold, one can now purchase replacement mattresses. I purchased the 'ultimate pocket sprung double mattress' and now the sofa is again as good as new. I can imagine to sleep on it will be as good too. Thank you Sofabed Gallery.

Name: Mr John McLean Location: Scotland Rating: 5

Comments: I received my ultimate pocket sprung mattress exactly as promised. The courier found me easily and was very professional. The mattress is really comfortable and has revived my old sofa bed beyond belief. I find the mattress a little warm but I think that's me! I recommend the company and the mattress wholeheartedly.Thank you for your service.

Name: C. Thompsett Location: East Sussex Rating: 5

Comments: Thank you very much. The mattress is lovely and comfortable, and I'm thrilled it was delivered so quickly.

Name: Shirley Location: Exeter Rating: 5

Comments: I received the above order on 21st February and just wanted to say a big thank you for all the help and information you have given me over placing this order. The mattress is great, just what I had hoped for, your advice was extremely helpful and the delivery was quick and very efficient. I could not have wished for better.

Name: Carole Waring Location: Leicester Rating: 5

Comments: Prompt delivery fits perfect, very comfortable thank you

Name: Mary Location: London Rating: 5

Comments: Was about to buy a new sofa bed £1000+. Decided to try a new mattress first £150. Feels like a new sofa and a fantastic new and comfortable bed. Certainly would recommend

Name: Elizabeth Crockett Location: Greenwich Rating: 5

Comments: I received the above order yesterday - the ultimate pocket spung mattress. Just wanted to say it is great and SO comfortable (especially after the lumpy old one I had)! Really pleased with your service - thank you so much!

Name: Loretta Location: London Rating: 5

Comments: Dear Richard, Just to say thank you for the prompt delivery of the mattress. It is sooooooooooooo comfortable. Kind regards, Loretta

Note from Sofabed Gallery:

Thank you for your positive review Loretta, pleased all went well replacing the mattress. Readers note customer installed our memory foam slimline sofa bed mattress.

Name: Andrew West Location: UK Rating: 5

Comments: Dear Sofa Bed Gallery. Many thanks for your help with the ordering of the mattress last week. Duly 'installed' and makes not only a far better bed but has also given the sofa itself a much improved comfort level. Very pleased and will recommend you to friends. All the best.

Note from Sofabed Gallery:

Thank you for your review, delighted all went well replacing your mattress. Readers note customer installed our ultimate pocket sprung mattress.

Name: Caroline Location: Wanstead Rating: 4

Comments: I have just taken delivery of our new mattress - fits perfectly and very comfy ... but too early in the day for a snooze! Many thanks for such a prompt service.

Name: Sam Location: London Rating: 5

Comments: Dear Richard, Just wanted to confirm safe receipt of my new mattress. The courier arrived just after midday which was perfect as I had guests arriving at 2pm. Not only does it fit perfectly, it's positively plush in comparison to its predecessor - so plush in fact, I thought the mechanism might not close! But it did, happily. Thanks again for your kind and swift attention; I shall have no hesitation in recommending your company to friends and family. With all good wishes for a happy and prosperous New Year. Sam

Name: Hilary Macaskill Location: Saltaire Rating: 5

Comments :I meant to write before now to thank you very much for the swift delivery of this to [name removed for privacy] in Saltaire. I ordered it only a couple of days before. I much appreciated the speed of it all. Thank you.

Name: D Bartlett Location: London Rating: 5

Comments: I am so pleased with my 'Pocket sprung mattress' for my Sofa bed, it is excellent quality, very comfortable, better then the original ! I wish I had changed to it much sooner. The purchase was effortless and the person I spoke to regarding my product choice and delivery, extremely helpful. I would strongly recommend

Name: Marie Location: Bournemouth Dorset Rating: 5

Comments: Thank you so much for the very quick and efficient service. The mattress fits perfectly and is of excellent quality. Only wished I had purchased it much sooner. Would certainly buy from The Sofabed Gallery again.

Name: tony Location: hertfordshire Rating: 1

Comments: I purchased the so called deluxe pocket sprung mattress. On delivery I was immediately disappointed. The product was poor quality and did not meet my expectation. The sales chap was unwilling to discount the item and four or so months later it's as good as useless, very dissapointed

Reply from Sofabed Gallery:

Hello Tony, thank you for your review. I am sorry to hear of your disappointment with the mattress. The mattress we supplied is the same as supplied in our high quality sofa beds around the £1000 mark so surprising to hear of any issues. If you could arrange to return the item to our store, we will have the item checked and report on any undue wear. The item is fully guaranteed so any manufacturing fault will be rectified free of charge. Kind regards, Sofabed Gallery team.

Name: The Cuthbertons Location: Devon Rating: 5

Hello team - from the depths of Devon - thank you for your delivery info on the phone yesterday. Our replacement sofa bed mattress was delivered in time & efficiently. We've tried it: it fits snugly, just right, & is a huge improvement on the original - seems to be a really good product, just as described. A most helpful & personally oriented service, both on ordering & on delivery: much appreciated. Cuthbertsons

Name: Linda Blandford-Harrell Location: London Rating: 5

Comments: I was dreading this morning's delivery, expecting a lumpy thin mattress, wrong size, unhelpful delivery persons who probably wouldn't show up as promised anyway, etc etc. Well . I cannot thank you enough for coming through with five gold stars: delivery as promised, right day, right time. The mattress? Beyond my wildest hopes or your description. It will change my guests' nights. Thank you for amazing service from my first enquiry until now.

Name: Dr J Davidson Location: Borders, Scotland Rating: 5

Just wanted to give feedback on recent purchase of a new double mattress for an old sofa bed. Am very impressed with your service. I think your web site is easy to use and very informative, but even better was the friendly expert advice over the phone. The mattress arrived on time, well packed and has been put to good use over New Year! Thank you so much and best wishes for 2014

Name: Mrs E Sadler-Williams Location: Tattenheall, Chester Rating: 5

Comments: I just wanted to write to thank you so much with the help that you provided for my order. Your service was efficient and first class. We had been sleeeping on the sofbed in the guest room for a week as our bedroom was being re-fitted. My back was killing me and I thought I would have to throw away a perfectly good leather sofa just because the bed part was so uncomfortable. You really helped. Provided advice on the right type of matress and I ordered it at 11 and it was with me 24 hours later – amazing!!! Thanks so much . My back (and my husband) are both very grateful!! Regards, Esther

Name: Jean Collett Location: Bearsted, Maidstone Rating: 5

Comments: Dear Sofabed Gentlemen, I would like to say a big thank you to you and the company, I ordered a mattress on Monday and it was delivered on Wednesday - wonderful service and it looks really nice and I'm sure will be comfortable for my grandson. Thank you once again for your excellent service. Sincerely. Jean Collett

Name: Mrs Susan Mc Colgan Location: Port Glasgow . Scotland Rating: 5

Comments: Hello Richard,Just wanted to thank you for my Deluxe Spring Mattress for my sofa bed.It is excellent quality and also the help you gave me when I telephoned.I would also like to thank great courier service as well!Excellent Thank You Very Much.Definitely Use You Again

Name:T Location: UK

Comments: Thank you. The mattress arrived safely today as promised and looks really good. We are very happy with sofabedgallery. I will look forward to dealing with you again one day. T

Name: M O'reilly Location: Ilford, Essex Rating: 5

Comments: Delighted with your service

Name: Valerie Location: Bexhill - on - Sea Rating: 5

comments: HELLO RICHARD Just to say - mattress arrived today as promised - fits perfectly! lovely quality! Many thanks for your prompt attention to my "measuring mistake" and refunding my credit card after speaking with you last Saturday. Good service like this is rare these days - must be your good Yorkshire air!! Thanks again

Name: Corinne Location: UK Rating: 5

Comments: Just a quick note to say how pleased I am with the service you provided recently with regard to the delivery of our new sofabed mattress: efficient, courteous, straightforward. I wish more companies were like you. Thank you again. Corinne Taylor

Name: Stuart Location: UK Rating: 5

Comments: Hi I recently purchase a replacement mattress order no 534**** for our sofa bed which arrived within 24hrs of ordering and fits perfectly into the sofa bed. I I think the service you gave was excellent thank you I would recommend yourselves to anybody. Regards Stuart

Name: Hicks Location: London Product: Double sofa bed matress Rating: 4

Comments: ordered today and received in 2 days time very happy, use them again

Name: David Moth Location: Harpenden, Herts Rating: 5

Comments: delivered today as arranged,excellent service from start to finish. Not yet used the mattress but it looks a quality pruduct ideal for a letting sofa bed. many thanks to Sofa bed Gallery

Name: Sara Location: UK Rating: 5

Comments: Hi All Thank you so much. My mattress has arrived safely, and it's perfect. No-one in the family will be able to complain about it being uncomfortable this year - should have replaced it years ago! Excellent service regards Sara



Name: T. Broomhall Location: UK Product: ultimate pocket sprung mattress

Comments: Good Morning Richard, I have just received my mattress and I am very impressed with the level of service. Thank you and I will certainly recommend your company. Regards, Terry Broomhall.

Name: Comfortable man Location: Surrey Product: Ultimate pocket sprung Rating: 5

Comments: I ordered the ultimate pocket sprung mattress for my 20 year old sofabed. I've just fitted it and had a trial run. Nearly fell asleep on having worked all night! It's wonderful. What a transformation. The old mattress was like a stale piece of sponge cake by comparison. Now I understand why no one was too keen to sleep on the old one a second time. They won't complain now.

Name: P. DUDLEY Location: BIRMINGHAM Product: Ultimate pocket sprung matteress Rating: 5

Comments: very helpfull conversation on phone to make sure mattress would fit. delivered on time. very comfortable mattress well pleased!

Name: Sheila Location: North London Rating: 5

Comments: Excellent telephone service and help. My order arrived exactly as specified and a great courier service as well!. Excellent thank you very much.

Name: Steven Parks Location: Chelsea Rating: 5

Comments: Exceptional quality which restored my sofabed to better than new comfort. Purchased the visco elastic unit and delighted with the results. Many thanks to all.

Name: Sara Bishop Location: London Rating: 5

Comments: My order for an ultimate pocket sprung mattress was delivered today as scheduled. Your delivery company was polite, helpful and well turned out. Initial impressions are that the mattress is exactly this size quoted on the website, seems well made and a vast improvement on the old mattress it is to replace. Thank you !

Name: Mrs C Cakir Location: Dorset Rating: 5

Comments: Very pleased with your helpful telephone advice, simple ordering system & fast delivery. This mattress is so comfortable, and has made a significant difference when one is sitting down on the sofa bed as a couch.
I would highly recommend anyone thinking of a replacement sofa bed mattress to spend the extra £30 or so and buy this one. Regards, Mrs C Cakir

Name: Mrs Helena Location: Ealing, London Rating: 5

Comments: We bought this to make our old sofa better and it has, thank you ! Delivery was next day and the man was very cheerful.

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